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Golden Boot (gamevy)

Provider: gamevy

Golden Boot game review

The Golden Boot slot machine from Gamevy will be appreciated by real football fans. The display is displayed in the form of a real football field, with the only goal, where you have to roll goals. The more of them – the more solid will be the reward, and you will be considered the most famous attacker in gambling.

Despite the brevity of the interface, the playing field is quite expressive and memorable. And the soundtrack, which accompanies the whole gameplay, will allow you to feel yourself in a real stadium with applause and fans. Each move and hit depend on the generator of random numbers, but your participation in this process is necessary, because in the bonus round you need to aim more accurately.

Rules and features

In the Golden Boot slot, even a completely extraneous user from the football theme will be able to navigate. The screen has a main display with a football field and a small control panel. There are only a few keys that can be used to adjust the following metrics:

  • The number of balls per move;
  • Amount per ball;
  • start key and autoplay.

By clicking on the three-lane square icon in the top left corner, you'll find yourself in a menu with settings where you can turn off the sound and see the basic requirements.

The main feature of the slot machine – the original serving of gaming, completely unlike the classic slots. It is more like a computer game, only with the possibility of a good win. Football has never brought so much pleasure and excitement, and scoring virtual goals is so profitable!

How to play Golden Boot

To begin with, you need to choose the number of balls, the slot offers from 1 to 0 pieces in one turn. Next, set the rate, its size in the range of 0.01-100 credits. This is a large enough reserve, which is suitable for economical and risky gamblers, you can put slowly or immediately claim a solid jackpot.

At the touch of the start button, the game starts and the balls fall on the field. They can hit the gates, special scoreboards or traps, which will then come in handy for an additional game. At each hit, the player will see how much is earned, because the balls can be ordinary and golden, their proportionality is determined randomly.

Bonus opportunities

After all the balls are played, you can run a bonus round. To do this, click on the players around which the blue arrow revolves. It determines the direction of the ball, and the hit depends on your reaction.

Free balls can be obtained with the help of indicators located on both sides of the goal, which are triggered by touching the balls during the main game and accumulate points. Free Balls is issued in the number of 5, 10 and 20 balls.

All results and odds can be viewed in a dynamic payout table that changes the performance depending on the level of the bet.

Become a virtual football player and get for it solid money just with the slot machine Golden Boot.

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