Max Quest - Mission: Amazon (Betsoft) - Play online for free in demo mode

Max Quest – Mission: Amazon (Betsoft)

Provider: Betsoft

Release: 14.10.2020

RTP: 97.5%

Volatility: HIGH

Maximum win: x6000

Max zuest – Mission: Amazon game review

Provider Betsoft presents another great slot machine, which is popular with gamers – Max zuest-Mission: Amazon. The player will go along with the winning heroes in the wild forests of the Amazon in order to fight the enemy and defeat him. But the main goal of each gambler – to get the coveted prize in monetary terms. The rewards are pleasantly pleasing, as they can exceed the bet up to 6000 times.

Max Quest - Mission: Amazon (Betsoft)

Six gamblers are allowed to play at the same time. If damage is done to the enemy, the payout will be distributed to all players. In the event of the destruction of the boss, the player receives a gem that brings a monetary reward. In total, the game has 2 categories of enemies:

  • standard enemies. There are 12 of them, including insects, toads, tribal creatures, animals.
  • bosses in number 3 (Spider queen, Stone Guardian and Primal King).

When you destroy an enemy, a boss is called with 1000, 2500, 5000 HP.

Among all the jewels the most valuable is a diamond. But every player will not mind will get and ruby, sapphire, emerald.

There are additional rewards in this game. You can get them by completing additional quests. There are five of them. To complete at least one, you need to collect 3 items. Artifacts fall out of enemies while hitting them. At the end of the quest there is a payment, and instant. It is equal to the rate multiplied by the set multiplier for a certain monster. The player will be able to receive profit quite often, as RTP is much above the average – 97.5%, volatility – high. The player will be able to place bets of a minimum of $0.03 and a maximum of $1.

Max Quest - Mission: Amazon (Betsoft)

Each member of the team wants to be a leader and a winner, so the game is introduced a kind of intrigue in the form of a table, reflecting the success of each player. It can be tracked by all participants, watching the results and setting new goals. The high place in the leaderboard will depend on the number of enemies killed and the experience points gained for them. It's also promoted up when collecting items and completing quests. 

The developer has managed to skillfully combine the arcade shooter with the slot machine, so the gambler gets a fascinating gameplay and unique experience. The game was to the taste of not only beginners, but also gamblers, who have long set foot in the world of gambling. Receiving a solid prize attracts thousands of fans of online games.

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