List of the best casinos on Ripple 2020 on the Direx (SoftSwiss)

SoftSwiss Casino with Ripple

Ripple is known by many as something complicated. But this is the same cryptocurrency as Bitcoin, and it is very useful in the field of online casinos. That’s why, in this section we have collected for our users the best casinos on the SoftSwiss platform that accept Ripple.

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Ripple Casinos

It should be understood that Ripple is both a platform and a cryptocurrency. Its main advantage is the ability to use for big international financial transactions. This gives the possibility of playing on slots (depositing in to the accounts in online casinos).

What are the benefits of playing at SoftSwiss Casino with Ripple?

There are two categories of people who will be interested in the benefits of gambling sites that accept Ripple. First of all, these are those who know little for cryptocurrencies, and do not understand all of the new trends in electronic finance. It should be understood that today there are a huge number of cryptocurrencies, and Ripple is only one of them. They give anonymity, speed and save money.

For other people, the advantages of depositing with Ripple are important. For such users, the specific benefits of using this digital currency are substantial.

In fact, there are a lot of reasons to use Ripple Casino.

Further we will consider the most significant advantages of using XRP casino and Ripple currency in general.

1. Reliability

Ripple is less known compared to such a famous brand as Bitcoin. And when people are less familiar with something, they begin to be suspicious. However, you should not turn on the paranoia and use Ripple without any doubts. First of all, it is a very reliable payment tool. XPR is supported by hundreds of banks around the world, including even giants such as Union Credit and UBS.

Thanks to such trust from leading banks, Ripple receives a sufficient level of legitimacy. Some experts even argue that no other encryption channel of operations is more reliable.

2. Versatility


It should be repeated that Ripple is both an exchange platform and cryptocurrency. The platform is called Ripple Net, and its digital units are XRP (actually cryptocurrency).

At its core, the Ripple system is a currency exchange, as well as a real-time settlement and money transfer system. It supports the familiar fiat currencies, and new cryptocurrencies. And XRP is the name of its currency.

Thanks to low fees, Ripple can be used as a universal tool for converting different currencies. This helps to reduce the cost of exchange, since it minimizes the commission that banks take when dollars are used as an intermediary.

Ripple can even be used to issue unique money to make simple this process. All this means that Ripple provides a very large range of fintech solutions, in comparison with other cryptocurrencies. It is likely that you will not use even 10 of the entire functionality of this system. But in any case, such opportunities should be considered as a huge plus.

3. Lack of inflation

Since cryptocurrencies are initially mined, this means that they already exist and keep their value in contrast to other cryptocurrencies. For some users, this plus will have a downside. This is about those who want to take advantage of the variability in encryption. However, for those users who are oriented towards stability, for example, payment using XRP in a casino, Ripple offers an excellent stable cryptocurrency.

4. Transaction Speed

One of the biggest drawbacks of Bitcoin is the long delays in conducting transactions. When other cryptocurrencies are constantly working to solve this problem, Ripple in this regard, everything works very well. You get fast and cheap payments, including in the field of online casinos. These 2 advantages have opened a huge niche for Ripple.

Of course, you can take advantage of alternative options, such as Bitcoin Cash, but it is always better to have several methods in stock.

5. International support

Ripple is a truly international payment tool that is supported in most civilized countries. Considering the fact that the economy is becoming more globalized every year, it is worth giving preference to more universal solutions.

How to deposit and withdraw funds at Ripple Casino

Many Internet users mistakenly believe that using cryptocurrencies for deposits / cashouts is very different from using traditional money. There is an established view that this is much more difficult from a technical point of view.

In essence, there are no additional difficulties. You still need to create a wallet for XRP and learn how to use it.

Already at registration, you will need to provide data that confirms that you are the owner of this currency.

Next, you need to specify the amount that you want to deposit into the account. By data we mean XRP tags that help to connect transactions with a wallet account.

At Softswiss casino in XRP, it is as easy to withdraw funds as regular fiat currencies (dollars or euros). Only occasionally there are any additional nuances of financial transactions. In practice, knowing your details, you can withdraw money as easily as on a regular bank card.

Withdrawals from XRP casino sites are usually carried out in the same vein as the traditional payment method. There are, of course, additional things you need to do. And, all casinos are different - and there may be slight differences in how they go in this process. However, we would not say that it should be especially unique than comparing an electronic wallet with a more traditional method, for example, with a credit card.

Common questions

Can I make a deposit using Ripple at XRP Casino and then withdraw money in another currency?

Probably not. Although there should not be any problems with converting Ripple to any other currencies, the whole matter is in the policy of the casinos themselves. For the most part, gambling sites allow you to withdraw money only using the method that you used when depositing. However, exceptions are possible. Therefore, it is worth asking the chat support of your casino.

Another good reason for the impossibility to withdraw in another currency is a security reasons. Some smart users could use the casino as an exchanger (for other purposes).

How quickly do funds arrive in a casino account after making a deposit in Ripple?

The processing of financial transactions is very different at different sites. It is difficult to find the answer how long it takes. A wide range can start from a few seconds and reach several days. But in any case, using XRP as a payment instrument is a great choice. This cryptocurrency platform really works fast. Delays occur purely on the casino side.

You could even say that Ripple is a Ferrari in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Which Ripple Wallets to use?

The main tool you can’t do without is an electronic wallet. This is a program that is integrated with the platform and allows you to store and transfer funds.

There are many wallets for various popular cryptocurrencies. It is always a matter of subjective choice and preference. But we will highlight some of the best, in our opinion.

Atomic wallet

Atomic Wallet is a multicurrency solution that allows you to save various digital units in one service. It is simple and flexible to use. In addition to these undoubted advantages, the program uses high security standards. Thanks to this, it will be convenient to store XRP here.

Ledger nano s

One of the most popular hardware wallets. Made in the form of a USB-drive, on which you can store digital coins. It generates private keys and digital signatures, which allows you to protect yourself from hacking.

There are other hardware wallets for storing Ripple, and further casino transfers.

Paper wallets

But if you have paranoia about security, you can even use paper wallets. Then be careful as you write down addresses and keys.

How Ripple Works

If you try, you will understand that using Ripple is not so difficult. You need to have a suitable wallet, buy XRP currency through one of the exchanges and put it on your account. Further, when you make deposit on your wallet, you can use it for transfers.

Many users do not even try to do something, because they think that cryptocurrency is something very complicated. This is due to the broadcast information. Media and various media are focused on the technical nuances of the system, and few people show how easy and convenient it is to use the crypto.

When you have cryptocurrency in your wallet, you can make a deposit at one of SoftSwiss casinos. First, select one of the trusted sites that are presented in this section. Next, open an account there. After that, just go to the Cashier section, choose Ripple as your deposit method, and deposit the desired amount into your account. It is very easy!

Are there any special gambling and slots with Ripple?

Such options are not known to us. If you make a deposit in the account with the help of XRP, the entire gaming assortment of the gambling site will be available to you. And the funds for spinning reels or bets will always be pulled from the main account, and if necessary, converted into the main game currency.

However, you can come across games that use only cryptocurrencies. This is because the markets for traditional currencies and new digital currencies are still working separately.

Ripple will provide an opportunity to play in both cases - when it comes to fiat units and other cryptocurrencies. You will find thousands of different slots to increase your deposit several times. The main thing is to be patient and smart.

Are there specific conditions for Ripple casino sites?

The rules of different casinos can differ dramatically. Good casinos try to do everything possible so that the user gets the highest quality experience, including in relation to financial transactions with cryptocurrency.

Sometimes casinos create extra security for themselves. For example, they may require two-factor for authorization on the site, verification and other procedures.

Keep in mind that if you are required to confirm documents, it means that you lose anonymity. Namely, this is the main advantage of using cryptocurrency.

The history of Ripple and its perspectives

Ripple's business includes various areas. This is due to the fact that developers are trying to provide a truly universal solution for the market.

The history of cryptocurrency began in 2005 with a system that was then called Opencoin. Initially, it was planned to create a global network that would provide secure payment methods. Over time, this project turned into Ripple.

In the process, the developers decided to create their own currency, which now has the name XRP. This digital money is now able to solve many of the difficulties faced, for example, Bitcoin.

Another important milestone is the integration of the platform with banking services. More and more major players in the global financial market have begun collaborating with the corporation in recent years. The first important partnership agreement was a partnership with Earthport in 2014. And in 2017, Ripple turned into the second most popular cryptocurrency.

Today, Ripple is integrated into the payment terminals of many online casinos. If you want to invest XRP profitably, then we recommend trying one of the proven casinos. On this page, we have put together the best options for you.