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Ethereum has a special, dual status in the world of cryptocurrencies. On the one hand, it is a decentralized computing platform based on blockchain technology. It was developed by real estate developer Vitalik Buterin in 2013.

On the other hand, Ether is the cryptocurrency itself, which is the main settlement unit within this system. ETH is a common acronym for this crypt. Today, Ethereum is the second most powerful cryptocurrency, second only to Bitcoin.

Next, we’ll look at what you need to know when using Ethereum in SoftSwiss, and in any other casino.


Many gambling sites try to expand the use of cryptocurrencies and encourage deposits in them in every way. Ethereum is no exception. The main benefit is that the commission when replenishing the account with ETH is very low or not at all.

However, the options are different. To choose a really profitable venue for the game you need to necessarily check the terms of the bonus accrual in the individual Softswiss casinos hosting Ether.

Regardless of the specific method of replenishment, new users always have a great chance to receive generous welcome bonuses in an online casino. If you are interested in the most generous option – always check the list of casinos, and their specific bonus terms specified on this page.

Key benefits

Players are increasingly using cryptocurrencies to deposit and withdraw winnings. There is nothing strange about this, because this approach has several undeniable advantages:

Transaction speed. Crypto experts often see Ethereum as a faster analogue of Bitcoin. Transactions occur at a high rate, thanks to rapid confirmation. And this is a definite plus for players who can’t wait to make a deposit or get their money into an external account.

Anonymity is the main advantage of using cryptocurrencies in any sphere. Ethereum is no exception. All platform-based transactions are made on an anonymous protocol. This is important for those who do not want to “shine” their winnings. Especially when it comes to large sums.

Security. No one can influence Ether’s transactions, they are well protected from any attempts by attackers.

Ethereum flaws

In addition to the pros, there are a few disadvantages that arise when using the cryptocurrency Ethereum in the casino.

Availability. Although Ethereum has been constantly evolving lately, today you can use this cryptocurrency in only a few online casinos. However, as trends show, the situation may soon change dramatically.

Cryptocurrency volatility. The digital currency market is quite volatile. And more than once there have been strong changes in course. This can cause some difficulties, especially if you play conservatively. However, this can turn into a plus for you if you use aggressive game strategies.

Convenience for the user. Ethereum in this respect is significantly inferior to such a pioneer of crypto-economy as Bitcoin. There are fewer casinos that accept it, fewer wallets for settlements.


The main reason for the popularity of cryptocurrencies in the field of online gambling is the complete or partial absence of a commission. This applies equally to the interface of the crypto platform, and the casino itself. However, you should always check the conditions of the venue on which you play.

Please note that some exchanges and brokers may charge a conversion fee. With all this, cryptocurrencies, and in particular, Ethereum remain the most profitable option for depositing funds into your gaming account.
Currencies and affordability
Ether is a digital currency that can be bought from any computer that has an Internet connection. But mostly ETH is traded in pairs with major currencies such as US dollars and euros.If you have money in these currencies in your accounts, it will not be difficult to transfer it to Ether. Then without problems you can top up the account in the right online casino on the platform SoftSwiss.

Creating and replenishing the account

There are several basic ways to start using Ethereum.The easiest of them is to download the wallet directly from the official website of the platform. Through the interface of this wallet, you will be able to freely dispose of its balance. Buy online, top up your casino account and do whatever you want.
To start playing at Ethereum Casino you need to take a few simple steps:

Start any suitable ETH wallet, and top it up for the right amount;
Visit the appropriate Ethereum Casino. Don’t know which one’s better? Choose one of the options presented on this page – do not lose!
If you don’t have an account on your chosen gambling site, sign up.
Once you’ve registered with your personal account, find the Cashier tab, and select the Deposit section. One option to top up the account will be Ethereum. It is it that should be used as a means of payment.
In the process of a financial transaction, specify the amount by which you want to top up your account in the casino.
Further follow the instructions that will be written on the screen, you will need to enter information about your wallet.

For security reasons, carefully check the address of the casino where you are restocking. The address bar should have a secure protocol.
The withdrawal of Ethereum from the casino is as simple as replenishing the account.

  • Go to the “Conclusion” section of your online casino
  • Choose Ethereum or Ether as a payment method.
  • What is the exact amount you would like to withdraw
  • Follow the payment terminal instructions (you will need information about your Ether wallet for this process).


Ethereum is a safe enough tool for financial transactions. First, transactions are executed and verified by blockchain processes.In practice, this means that no one will be able to interfere with the transfer of funds.

An added benefit is that all Ethereum transactions are anonymous.When you transfer ETH to an online casino, you don’t need to provide personal or banking information. This does not put you at risk of becoming a victim of scams. They simply won’t be able to get hold of your data.


The level of support for different SoftSwiss casinos with ether reception can vary significantly. But for the most part, support specialists provide quality and competent support on the right issues. In addition, important information you can always find yourself, for this be sure to read the section of frequent questions.

If you do not solve the difficulties through correspondence with the administration – do not hesitate to communicate in the branches about Ethereum of various forums. But the best option is always to solve problems directly with the administration of a particular casino.

VIP program

Ethereum, as a platform, does not yet have a VIP program.But once you join the community, you’ll get other benefits and be able to develop with progressive developers and talented people.

Choose only the best Ethereum Casino on the SoftSwiss platform from our list. Then you guarantee for yourself safe, reliable and exciting gambling.

Casinos accepting ETH offer their customers welcome bonuses for signing up. Also, bonuses can be paid within the framework of various promotions. Usually the amount of remuneration is determined by the size of the deposit.
Each individual casino sets its own limits. On average, you can top up your account in the amount of 0.01 ETH . There is usually no maximum incoming payment. Average withdrawal limits - from 0.01 ETH to 30 ETH .
First you need to check the correct payment data, the presence of a sufficient amount of ETH in the wallet, compliance with the requirements for making a deposit on the site. If everything is in order, but the transaction does not go through, you need to write to the support service. On many sites, it works around the clock.
Online casinos offer a wide range of gambling games that accept ETH bets . For a quick search, they are published in a special section of the gaming hall. Already, with the help of ETH, you can place bets on machines, play roulette, poker, etc.
Transfers in the system are carried out instantly, but the withdrawal request must first be confirmed by the financial department of the online casino. The processing time of the request depends on the financial finishing work schedule, the amount, the availability of verification.
This option is only available in casinos that allow multiple accounts . Otherwise, an attempt to replenish the balance in another currency will result in the money being converted into the account currency.

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