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The introduction of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was a real breakthrough in the field of gambling. Thanks to them, the player became available such important features as anonymity, improved transaction speed and other advantages.

The use of bitcoin as a means of payment provides a number of advantages from the introduction of blockchain technology. This is much safer, because third parties can not interfere in financial transactions. Individual platforms can guarantee the player complete anonymity, unless there is a verification procedure (confirmation of personal data).

Cryptocurrency casinos are becoming more popular and their number is growing every year. That’s why we’ve chosen the best gambling sites created on the SoftSwiss platform for you.

On our website you will find a list of the most profitable and honest bitcoin casinos on the SoftSwiss platform. We will help you protect your funds and data from deception and unscrupulous scams. Be sure to use our recommendations when you decide to choose a reliable BTC casino.
Why Bitcoin deserves your attention
Since 2012, the use of cryptocurrency has become a major trend in the global economy. The most attractive phenomenon was and remains the price growth of this cryptocurrency number one in the world. Although some experts consider the digital currency a bubble, which will soon burst, in practice everyone tries to buy at least a small number of coins.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency created on blockchain technology. The latter involves recording transaction information in a chain of distributed blocks, so that the system is protected from interference and fraud.

The main advantages of Bitcoin cryptocurrency include:

Anonymity – you can create as many wallets as you want without being tied to your personal data;
Decentralization – no one controls bitcoin, new coins are mined by members of the ecosystem who receive small rewards for confirming transactions;
Transaction costs – sometimes transfers can be made for free. But usually there is a minimum commission;
No intermediaries – you no longer need a bank, all transfers can be made directly between participants.
Technology – the system is constantly improving, transactions are getting faster.

How honest bitcoin casinos are

In addition to more opportunities to top up the account, such casinos are no different from the usual online gambling platforms. They still have licenses, a large selection of slot machines and other advantages.

As with other types of casinos, there may be precedents of fraud. That’s why you should trust us, and use only a reliable, and well-established site. That’s what we picked up on this page.

We took into account the personal experience of our team, feedback from other players, information on popular venues.

It is also worth noting that bitcoin casino games use a provably fair algorithm that proves their honesty and license. Of all the above reasons, it follows that it is not necessary to worry about the security of casinos in BTC.

What licensing games mean

Licensed software in casinos are all programs and games that have been tested by independent organizations (regulators). They get a license, which shows their honesty and the inability of third-party intervention.

The license is obtained by the software provider – the company that produces gambling. Because of this, the casino can not influence the outcome of the game (for example, do not let you win). In general, licensed slot machines use the PPP model (random number generator). This allows you to get completely random results – everyone can win.

Among the best developers of slot machines today can be identified brands such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playson, zuickspin, Amatic, Endorphina and others.
The main advantages of SoftSwiss bitcoin casino over conventional gambling sites
Most BTC casinos in recent years are expanding their functionality, and accept not only bitcoins, but also altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies). Among the latter: Ethereum, Ripple, Setkesh, Lightcoin and other digital units.

Bitcoin casinos have absolutely all the functionality that in conventional casinos. But they also have their advantages.

Convenience of financial management

To start playing in classic online casinos you need to use a bank card or some electronic wallet. All of these financial services are centralized, and much depends on the companies to which they belong. At any time your account can be frozen even without explanation.

And when you use Bitcoin, you don’t depend on third parties.


Anonymity is a very good advantage in the field of gambling. Especially if you play well and you have something to hide. When withdrawing funds for a bitcoin wallet to you will not come tax and will not ask where the money.

In addition, you can have a few wallets. There is no link to the name or other data. You don’t need to go through any verification and provide information about yourself. It’s fantastic that it’s really possible.

Financial rate

At the rate of depositing money into the account, traditional systems work on roughly the same level as the cryptocurrency. It’s another thing when it comes to withdrawing winnings – and that’s the most important thing. If you withdraw money to a card or e-wallet, it can take from a few hours to a day or even weeks.

When a cache on a bitcoin wallet, everything happens within a matter of minutes, and sometimes even instantly.

Maybe it’s better to trade crypto instead of playing it in a casino?

When you are engaged in cryptocurrency trading, you usually exchange one currency for another. At the same time, you are focused on the market and look for the best time to buy and sell crypto-monitors. By and large, you are engaged in guessing the trends of the course on cryptocurrency. The trouble is that the market is very volatile, and there is no place for classical technical analysis. So that you practically play the same roulette. That’s just you can win much less.

Sometimes novice traders even buy special signals that should help in trading. It should be understood that the market is unpredictable, and there is no person who knows exactly how he will develop further. When playing in a casino, you really own a lot more information. You can use different betting strategies and tactics in gambling. You also know the potential to win (thanks to odds).

What should be the best casino on Bitcoin

The requirements for good crypto-casino are almost the same as for traditional ones.

It should be:

Safe to use secure protocols and standards;
Reliable is to have a good license from a well-known gambling regulator, such as Curacao, Malta or Gibraltar;
Honest – to pay winnings without additional obstacles and inventions, and not to block successful players;
Generous – to offer good bonuses with favorable conditions of wagering. Permanent promotions will only be a plus for the player;
With a lot of payment methods – in this case, enough for the casino to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies;
With a greater selection of games – the more quality games from recognized developers, the more chances to find their own option and get a profit;
With good technical support – it is its employees you will write letters in case of any difficulties.

The most popular bitcoin casino games

The use of cryptocurrencies in the field of gambling is much wider than we imagine. According to statistics, almost half of all transactions with BTC since 2014 were carried out for gaming purposes. It all started back in 2012, when the bitcoin casino SatoshiDice began to operate. Subsequently, many other platforms began to accept cryptocurrency.

Now you can play bitcoins in slot machines, classic casino games (roulette, blackjack, poker, baccara) and in the live casino section with live dealers.

The most popular, undoubtedly, are slot machines. This type of entertainment is quite simple, and does not require particularly complex skills and knowledge. There are even individual developers that offer slots exclusively on Bitcoins. To do this, they even use special algorithms to calculate bets in BTC.
Is it realistic to get bonuses in SoftSwiss casino on bitcoins
Quite. And even if some numbers surprise you, but be afraid. For example, in some casinos you will find stunning offers in the form of a bonus of 1, 2 and even 5BTC as a bonus for new players.

It should be understood that bonus offers – that allows to lure new users to the gambling service. Such large sums in the account of you no one immediately accrued. But you can really claim them if you play successfully. The whole secret lies in the notion of winning back the bonus.

Even if you get a huge amount in the account, you won’t be able to withdraw it until you win back. The wagering rests on a special coefficient called a vager. For example, if you are a wager to withdraw the x40 bonus, it means that you have to make bets that are 40 times the amount of money you receive.

Therefore, you should carefully study the conditions of the casino to choose the best option for yourself and not to lose.

Are all bitcoin casinos on this page?

Of course not. There are many more. But the problem is that the sites not presented here can be scammers. Therefore, we do not recommend to tempt fate and trust your money untested sites.

We have specially selected for you only reliable sites, the quality of which has been proven for years.

Although at first glance it is more profitable to immediately make a good service, which players will return. In fact, it is rarely done. Many projects simply do not have the financial capacity and patience to create a cool product. That’s why they choose an easier way to cheat players. And only a few go a more complex and expensive way, but then reap the fruits of their efforts.

Are bitcoin casinos legal?

It all depends on your country of residence. If there is no ban on the use of this cryptocurrency in the law, then do not worry. In any case, it is very difficult for the authorities to track down transactions in cryptocurrency. And often it is not possible.

Take advantage of the best bitcoin casinos from SoftSwiss(Dama N.V) today. You will see how profitable and financially viable they are.

Limits are set by each individual casino and may vary. Usually it is allowed to play with a deposit of only 0.0001 BTC .
The casino wagering in BTC usually issued deposit bonuses. Their amount is calculated as a percentage of the deposit (50, 75, 100, 125%, etc.), but not more than the specified maximum. BTC can also be provided in the form of no deposit bonuses, but such rewards are available only to the most active players. Also BTC can be won in different tournaments.
All legal casinos allow you to withdraw BTC from your account in established installments. The minimum transaction amount is usually at least 0.00 1 BTC , the maximum is up to 20 BTC . Other restrictions may also apply to the withdrawal of cryptocurrency - daily withdrawal limit, etc. You can familiarize yourself with the terms of making payments in the "Rules" section. Any casino has it.
Usually casinos are allowed to conduct incoming / outgoing transactions in only one way. If a player has deposited BTC into his account , then he must withdraw BTC . This limitation is in place to combat money laundering and other types of fraud.
The probability of winning at a casino does not depend on the currency. But bets in BTC have other advantages - anonymity, no commission, high speed of enrollment, growth in the value of the cryptocurrency.
Gambling is only available to adults. It will not work to deceive the casino, as it can ask for documents at any time to confirm the identity.

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